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Embody Manifestation

Monthly Meditation Circle

1.5 hrs

Open to anyone 21+

The body is our partner for life, our vehicle to manifestation! This is a space to re-connect with our body (mind & emotions) to be guided into the moment to moment experience.

As we explores the beliefs that shape our experience in life, we connect with our body to anchor new possibilities.


The body is our compass; awareness arises in the body through our senses in the form of emotions.

Learn tools for embodiment and manifestation. We are what we BELIEVE

  • Guided Meditations and Light Movement (can be done sitting down)

  • Exploration on MANIFESTATION Topics (creation of reality moment to moment)

  • Setting the Space for Body/Being Communication.

  • Choice of Responding  VS. Reacting from harmful patterns.

  • Discerning of Beliefs and Limiting Programs.

Our body is the key into manifestation & the key into raising

the vibrational level of our human collective!

Monthly Circles 2020 - Next Session February 16

Every 3rd SUNDAY of the month, 9am - 10:30 am

  • January 19 - Introduction to Manifestation​

  • February 16 - Setting the Body to Receive your Goals​

  • ​​March 22 - Emotions: The key for Manifestation

  • April 19 - Releasing Limiting Beliefs: Healing our Brain capacities, Day Dream

  • ​​May - NO SESSION (Professional development Retreat)

  • ​​June 21 - Money & Abundance: Transforming our Financial Space

  • ​​July - Relationships: Our Support System Through Connectivity

  • August 16 - Accessing Our Power: Create Effortlessly, The Manifesting Tool

  • ​​September 20 - Our Creative Power: Manifesting for the Human Collective 

  • October 18 -  Rituals of Magic: Altars, Power Objects and Intention​

  • November 22 - Giving & Receiving: Our Abundance in Balance

  • December 20 – Tapping into Abundance: The Endless Source of Everything we Want

First time session is Complimentary!


Upon Registration you will receive a confirmation email & zoom invitation

Have a large drawing paper, journal and color pencils or oil pastels




(4) session pack