A look into your creative field

Aura Reading: Your Goals. We will look at your energy field to see what you are manifesting as your reality, in order to identify which Limiting Beliefs have led you to forge or establish patterns of Self Sabotage.

But also this session is to highlight what DOES work and your ability as Creative Being.

60 min session. that revolves around your Goals, which I categorize into 3 main groups: Spiritual, Personal and Occupational Goals.

These three aspects are what make up our lives and you will be able to see how they complement each other.

This session is for you if:

  • Looking for an increase in your finances

  • Want to have more clarity and direction in your life in general

  • You are looking for a fulfilling and stable new relationship or in your current relationship.

  • Want to implement effective communication with those important people in your life.

  • You long to have more time to spend with your family or to invest time in the activities you like

  • You are ready to learn how to manage stress and anxiety in your life

  • You are in some transition or moment of change in your work or personal life

  • Are you willing to transcend limits, fears or self-sabotaging patterns

If you are ready to see changes in your life, you need to be willing to commit to:


* Create a new experience in your life in high vibration

* Undertake introspection work

* Take concrete actions

… I am willing to work with you!

Coaching - How the sessions work

“Introductory Section” It is very important to have the complementary 20-minute introductory session, because we will identify what your objectives are and if my methodology works to help you achieve these goals.

Once decided if we form a good work team, the following sessions are 60 minutes.

"Aura Reading" The first session is an introspection to frame both your creative and limiting abilities within the goals you want to achieve.

“Transformational Coaching” After the first session, Aura Reading, if you decide to continue with the introspection work, then we will create a work plan and we will be able to define the number of sessions according to the focus theme.

You will recognize which are the Beliefs that limit to express your Maximum Potential

We manifest our reality of life moment by moment. The decisions both to React or Respond to any situation are directly influenced by our Beliefs.

This process is a journey back to Your Center, a self-discovery of your essence, your truth.

But most importantly, it is a path to self-love, freedom and the door to the manifestation of a reality that is more free of conditioning.

Number of sessions to see results

The first 60 minute session is an overview map. Here we will get a perspective of your goals and how to achieve them!

The number of sessions varies, it all depends on the objectives and the complexity of them.

As we move forward we will be able to discover deeper dimensions of the patterns that support your beliefs and the decision to deepen it is up to you.

I will help you recognize energy blockages and provide concrete tools and tasks to achieve your goals. But the result depends on what you practice and do your personal work.

If we discover any issue that is NOT in my support capacity, I will notify you instantly.

The 3 key points to achieve your goals are:

* Having a clear and concrete vision of your goals

* To recognize expansive and limiting beliefs to create new Agreements

* Acting in integrity: your words, thoughts and emotions are the same vibration

But it is our Emotional State the vehicle and the key

for the Manifestation

"And suddenly you know: it's time to start something new and trust the magic of the beginnings"

- Meister Eckhart

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